SEO In A Nutshell


SEO, is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Representing a set of actions and techniques executed to improve the positioning of a webpage (visibility) in the organic search engine result pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Effective SEO Strategy

If you're planning on running an SEO campaign, our SEO Services can help you rank your content better in a way that makes sense for your products in alignment with your business goals.

Forensic SEO Service

The term comes from the need to discover the reason for a website losing ranking visibility.

Essentially, forensic SEO is a form of auditing the KPIs of a website. It's not on-page optimization. It's more about analyzing why a website has lost visibility in search results pages.

Here are some reasons that might lead to forensic SEO auditing:

  • Direct manual action.
  • Damping effect.
  • Technical problems on the site.
  • And/or a combination of all of the above.

The "Sherlock Holmes of SEO":

When you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

When we are doing forensic SEO, we really want to cover all the bases and analyze KPIs like:

  • Data evaluation ( Analytics, Search Console, etc.).
  • Recent and past changes to the site.
  • Hosting server changes (technology update, etc.).
  • Off-page factors (link building, etc.).
  • Changes in Google algorithms.
  • Evolution of the market industry.
  • Blackhat SEO (malicious actions).
  • Site security (hacked or under attack)

And there is always room for more, depending on the situation.

But the main thing is that when one approaches lost visibility, one must avoid being myopic.

The good news is that if you need a thorough and comprehensive expert about the process, you will inevitably need us to fix the problem.

SEO Services Pricing

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Depending on your website size, you should select the SEO service that works the best for your business.

Basic Plan

You can start with our basic SEO Services Plan, which will ensure your site's rank in the SERPs for as long as you use it. You can also choose to extend this plan with additional services.

  • Semantic Topic Research
  • Semantic Cluster creation
  • Tecnical SEO Auditing
  • On-page Content Audit

Advanced Plan

Our Advance SEO Strategy is designed to make your business online effective and more attractive. We provide you with a thorough and detailed SEO strategy plan to achieve results.

  • All Pro Plan Features
  • 5 Articles Per Week
  • Custom Images Unique
  • Hands on Site

Essential tips you need to pay close attention:

Google can place your website in the first positon of search it engine result pages. But for your website to be eligeble it needs to meet their requirements. You need to know that in 2021 almost 60% of all traffic on the internet is organic traffic. And your website should receive part of that traffic.

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