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    Eventually, in the digital marketing industry, we found important promos and services we need to succeed in our marketing campaigns.

    Content Creation Promos

    These tools are critical to create relevant content pieces for your blog.

    Improve your site visibility focusing on Topic Relevance Not Keyword relevance

    Google, as the major search engine, is getting away from keywords focused web pages. For these reason we must focus on content relevancy to keep our site up on the ranking pages.

    marketing strategy

    By focusing on topic relevancy, this will help you to get more organic results from your blog's posts. When people search for topics on Google, Google indexes only the results that are relevant to that specific topic. However, Google does not index all related posts. Therefore, if you want to get more organic results from your blog, you have to optimise your site for topics related to that topic.

    A keyword-focused article is essential, but it's far less critical than it used to be two years ago. And it will be even less important in the next few years—all the way until the near time when not one search engines will stop ranking articles by keywords. Google started to do this since 2018. So a keyword-focused piece is not the most important for SEO soon.


    SEO Optimised Articles

    Our content creation services work under effective and latest best practices suggested by Google to rank articles on the SERPs. We use the best of the best technology to make our content more relevant to the target audience.

    Basic PlanTwo articles SEO optimised per week , by SEO experts. You may also find some useful SEO tips.

    • 1 Articles Per Week
    • Topic Relevant
    • 5 Syndications
    • 1000+ Words Articles

    Advanced PlanIf your content is not being syndicated, you are not boosting your Domain Ratings.

    • 5 Articles Per Week
    • Topic Relevant
    • 15 Syndications
    • 1000+ Words Articles
    Forex Giants

    Content Creation Semantically Related

    All your content should be correlated semantically, not merely in your headline. In short, you should focus on writing your posts with a single purpose ( to get attention) instead of attempting to populate your site with articles.

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