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Our email marketing service can help you maximize your email marketing reach by sending targeted emails to a large set of potential customers.

Newsletter Subscribing Magnet

The Best way for your audience to keep up with your content is to subscribe to your newsletter. We help you design the right funnel and guide you through it.

Email Template Optimization

You can easily use templates in your email marketing campaigns and if you need your campaign to start fast, then it is a must. We are ready to guide you optimize your email template the right way aiming to receive the best results.

Probably you are making email campaigns that are not successful or as successful as you thought. A good reason might be because the text in the email body of your email campaign is not useful or because you are sending the wrong message.

Keep in mind that many of us receive plenty of daily emails, and we only open the ones that are more attractive to us, for one reason or another. If you want to increase the open email ratio, then follow this approach:

  1. Start with an excellent Subject:
    The subject of your emails is a significant part of improving the Open Rate in email marketing. The email Subject can be the difference between a successful email campaign and a mediocre one.

  2. Mind the Preview Text:
    The first 35 to 140 characters get typically used as the preview text of an email. This text also plays a vital role in your email campaigns' success, and you must use it wisely. In the same way, as the subject is essential, the preview text is equally important. This preview text means that the first line of the text in your email's body holds the most critical information.

  3. You are writing for the web:
    When you create the content in your email campaign, you are also creating web content, something like an article on any website. Therefore, your content must include the best practices for content creation on the internet:
  • Write an engaging introduction
  • Subheading order must remain
  • Keep the paragraphs short
  • Use one main Idea per text block
  • Organize the text by using bullet points and images


Check Our Mailing Campaings

Our email marketing service equips you with the best email marketing strategies giving you the best value for your investment.

Basic Plan

Capturing visitors leads from the start is vital for the success of your email campaigns.

  • Two EmailsCampaigns
  • Email Template SEO Optimized
  • Integration With One Provider
  • Secure Serve Configuration

Advanced Plan

Our email services includes a full managed service. Tell us your needs and we do the rest.

  • All Pro Plan Features
  • Template Builder Custumized
  • Email Tracking Integration
  • Newsletter Managed

The importance of security in your email campaigns:

Spammy emails are the ones we did not ask, those we can’t choose to unsubscribe from, and as a rule of thumb, are sent to thousands of recipients at the same time. You need trust from your subscribers. We help you get it.

Send Your Emails Like a Pro

Lets start by auditing your email campaigns before you run them.

Effective email campaigns Strategies are tested on the results.