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    Quality content creation is vital to your whole organic traffic rankings


    If you are looking to create content in a brief period for your business, Forex Giants is the best place to start.

    Content Creation SEO Optimized

    Optimizing articles or images for SEO cannot get any more straight forward that this: provide information people need and crawler bots can understand.

    The Importance Of Articles SEO Optimised

    For Search Engines , content on your site is one of the most important things that you can do to promote your business. In fact, if you don't have high quality, optimized content, you may lose your organic traffic to competitors.

    marketing strategy

    You can easily understand when a website has a bad SEO strategy by looking at the content the site is posting. If you are creating content, make sure it's not only enjoyable but is also easy to read and understand for users and search engines alike. Yes, users are the ones you want to engage, but search engines are the one ranking your pages. For that reason and more, you should always post content with both things in mind. Now, most sites are already creating content and making it look good, but not caring about the bots, and therefore the ranking and user engaged is low and sometimes irrelevant to their business.

    Keep the search intent behind the search query. Pay close attention to what that query is all about, and what is making the searcher perform a search with it. For example, if the search query is a product, then the content should focus on the product and not be about the maker of the product. The same goes for the search queries that have a purpose and are not only for generic traffic.


    Articles That Ranks

    95% of the websites we audit has pages that in a 80% are not bringing any traffic to those sites. Is it your site one of those?

    Basic PlanThis is the Plan You need when you are just starting. But you can always start with more.

    • One Article Per Week
    • Semantic Cluster
    • Content Calendar
    • Keyword Research

    Advanced PlanWe can provide written guidelines to your writers for having them informed on how to write SEO

    • All Professional Plan
    • 5 Articles Per Week
    • Unique Images
    • Hand on Site For Posting
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    Ten Best Content Creation Tips For SEO

    Content creation represents one challenge your site has to focus on continually. Here you reach the best ten tips to keep your content relevant.

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