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Seo in Cyprus - Digital Marketing

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SEO Service In Cyprus | Effective Digital Marketing

SEO does not have an official university title 100% dedicated to it, and many of us commit ourselves to it by learning in workshops and, running experiments, using our SEO labs at home.

The SEO services in Cyprus, when executed the right way, can result in a total dominium of the market’s most important keyphrases. The great thing about SEO is that you don’t have to look for customers; they will find the pages of your website as a result of the search engine services like Google, Yahoo, etc..

Forex Giants is an Internet Marketing & SEO Business headquartered in Cyprus specialized in financial firms, real estate and tourism. Also, we provide services for international businesses and individuals in all industries.

In this Cypriot island, we work with relevant financial firms, and they are getting more organic traffic every month if you are a website’s owner, you should consider SEO as part of your marketing effort. By including the optimization of your site for organic traffic, you will be reducing your cost per lead.

How Can SEO Help Your Site to Reduce The Cost Per Lead?

When you rely only on paid traffic, you need to have a budget that will get put to the test in the short run. Because for the paid traffic strategy to become profitable, there got to be a reasonable conversion rate. Otherwise, you will not have a sustainable business. One way to reduce the cost per lead is to use Google’s keyword research.

Here is where SEO can come into play. There are some essential things you must consider to understand how can an SEO strategy can help you reduce the cost per lead:

  • The budget can be the same with little to know variations during a whole year.
  • It can get based on your existing audience or a new audience.
  • The tools needed to execute SEO are not expensive, and you can easily find them.
  • The total of the budget is always a small fraction of your paid traffic budget.
  • Traffic can exponentially grow when you rank for relevant keywords.
  • SEO is scalable with small increases in the budget or significant improvements to receive much more traffic

How can you increase your SEO strategy effectively?

  • The solution can come from any number of ways:
  • You can use social media.
  • Guest posting
  • High authority forums
  • Influencers
  • Citations
  • Business directories

All the above are ways of increasing your SEO reach and visibility. However, a simple way of increasing your authority within your industry can be much more useful than most of the above.

How to increase your authority?

In SEO, domain authority is a well-known ranking factor. But for search engines, the page authority gets calculated on a per-page basis, with the most authoritative pages getting the most search engine visibility. The page authority will never come from great masterpieces of content, but from having the visitors liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts.

Your audience must get understood correctly, only like that you can offer them content relevant to their interests. Closely related to the search intent behind the queries they are using on search engines to find answers. Answers that will only be presented to them by the search engines, after the search engines algorithms have sorted through all the content they have indexed and selected as the proper content to get presented as a search result for that specific query used by the searcher.

What Is Search Intent?

The term search intent gets defined by the reason why a person decides to use a search engine service to look for specific information on the Internet. Also, the term search intent means to make a deliberate effort to find the particular information you need.

In Cyprus, for example, you can by looking for the term Guaba, and the result might be a club to dance and not a fruit to eat.

Search intent is the most critical factor for determining the using of your pages as the answer to a particular query. If you don’t want to have any doubt about the search intent, consider checking the current content in your site and make yourself this question:

Is it your content relevant to a particular query?

If yes, then you should not be afraid to do the search using your main keyword on any page and see where are you in the search result pages.

Are you on the first page? In what ranking positions is your page based on the country or city you are targeting.

These questions must have the answer because, in the answers, you might discover things to fix when compared with your competitor.

Cypriot Competitor Website Are Not Using SEO in 89%

Cypriot Competitor Website Are Not Using SEO in 89%

During personal research I conducted in my SEO Lab, I took 100 websites and performed an audit to all of them. Only eleven sites out of one hundred were using SEO, not all of it, but in general, the eleven websites were trying to follow some Optimization for search engines. The rest were using paid traffic to bring business to them, which means that a vast majority of sites are not using SEO for their search engine marketing.

It is opening up an excellent opportunity for businesses in Cyprus to dominate this local online marketing. Furthermore, and since Cyprus is part of the European Union, once business grows locally, soon it will spread out to other important countries of the eurozone.

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What Can You Do To Improve Your Website Performance Today?

Here’s a list of the top tips for improving your website performance to get it to perform faster:

  • Increase your website content relevancy.
  • Your main Keyword per page must be at the start of the H1.
  • Keep only one H1 per page.
  • Remove duplicated social icons, keep one set for sharing and one set for your channels.
  • Avoid more than four sentences per paragraph on your articles.
  • Keep the hierarchy of the sub-heading on order; H2, H3, H4.
  • Optimize all images to keep their size to be best and minimum Kbs.
  • Remove all not secure HTTP request, for internal and external resources.
  • Unify, compress, and remove unused CSS code
  • Unify, compress, and remove unused JS code
  • Move rendering blocking scripts to the button of the page

The above are some of the fixings you can do today to increase your website performance, regardless of the CMS you are using. If you are not the person with the skills to do it, give this to a developer.

Are Developers Ready To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines?

The answer is simple and socking, not all of them. A significant majority of developers does not have a clue on optimization for SEO. Most of them have never read an SEO guidebook, and they do not understand the process behind SEO or the benefits that can come from optimizing your website.

But do not worry, if this is your case, leave your message below explaining what your needs are and we will be happy to assist you.

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