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SEO for real estate websites in Cyprus, London, Greece, and Spain is barely used in the industry, I can tell based on Experience that London is doing something about SEO for Real Estate. A fact that we discovered while preparing a deep audit on real estate marketing in London oriented to local buyers.

As searchers of real estate are looking buy or rent a property, your website must be the first in offer a clear and effective message to those searchers if you wish to rank on first page.

Many times this is not easy to leverage, for many SEO guys esteem SEO for real estate is the same as for the rest of all niches, failing to bring quality, oriented buyer traffic. And there you have the reason why companies goes straight to PPC traffic ignoring SEO. All it takes is a sound effective SEO For real estate to beat the competitors. Our strategy is one of the best SEO strategy you can use for your website. We do not want traffic. it it will be not niche related traffic. We Dont just do SEO, we bring you buyers.

Real Estate SEO

The reasons behind websites of real estate brokers in Cyprus and London ignoring SEO is very simple.

First, Managers makes more profit sense especially for CRM providers to encourage their clients to use their own property diffusion system (Multi Listing Services) and their real estate portals.

Second,Previous Efforts on SEO resulting in nothing. Not because SEO is bad practice but because the SEO person was not informed enough to rank the site and to bring organic business to the Real State broker.

We will bring more traffic, yes, and we will target a corversion rate of at least 3%. Meaning that if 1000 visitors comes organically to your site, at least we will aiming to convert 30 of them.

Real Estate Niche is a very competitve niche, for PPC Traffic. When you bring it to the SEO traffic, then real estate is having a big gap. Simple because 80% of the website of real estate brokers are not optimized.

Why Real Estate Websites Should Invest In SEO?

We want to help you find the most profitable online marketing opportunities available for your real estate business.

We offer you a comprehensive and competitive online marketing service with the latest and best techniques in online marketing .

We help you optimize your website for search engines to increase your search engine traffic and your conversions for online business and make your business grow faster.

We work closely with you to help you maximize your online marketing opportunities with SEO.

The best SEO tools, SEO software, SEO strategy, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console Tools, and more. Our expert SEO agents will work closely with you and provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy to boost your online sales and your profits.

SEO Strategy Real Estate

Brokers The Real Estate Brokers are a new breed in the Real Estate market. The Brokers specialize in finding real estate investment properties for sale or rent. The competition is hard in this industry if you don't outrank your competitors they will always outcompete you.

We developed along with some experienced real estate professionals an SEO strategy for real estate brokerage businesses to boost their rankings and help increase their income.

The SEO strategy is simple on the implementation. Here are some steps you need to perform before any update:

  • Start with a great website and good content
  • Wireframe the user interactions with the website
  • Chose an user friendly theme for the website that makes it easier for the visitor to navigate.
  • Have a great homepage layout that focuses on the main elements of the website.
  • Use a high quality and attractive images of your properties.
  • Get some great fonts for your website.
  • Find a good and consistent way to promote your website.
  • Choose a simple, but effective way to attract visitors to the website.

CTR Optimization Real Estate

The Click-through rate (CTR) is a ratio of users who click on a link to the number of users who only see the link. It's an important key performance metric in digital marketing when evaluating paid advertising, search engine traffic, all email campaigns, CTAs (call-to-actions) elements on a site and other marketing avenues.

CTR is the key to understanding whether paid marketing or your SEO effort is driving the conversion and sales better or not. And we are experts on optimizing your landing pages to increase CTR and increase the conversions. We have done this for over a decade.

Give us your Landing Pages templates, and we will take care of the rest. I will even create them specifically for your niche based on your needs, objectives, and budget.

  • Use of all types of ad extension
  • Add to your ads the direct telephone number
  • Use Schema Markup
  • Use the visitors rate snippet
  • The text in the ads must be a compelling text
  • Add your target keywords in your ads
  • Use the title extensions

PPC Marketing SEO Real Estate

While search engine optimization (SEO) should always be considered, Google has been getting much more aggressive in recent years.

According to Google: As search engine performance has grown over the past few years, so has the number of clicks that Google delivers to individual queries.

This means that Google has become better able to identify and prioritize the sites that are most valuable to search engines and to consumers.

The goal in your real estate website is to post relevant content to drive more organic traffic. Keep in mind that only ten websites can be on the first page of Google's search results. When a person is interested in any information about real estate, the person will see two kinds of results:

  • The first 3-5 links will be ads from AdWords,
  • The other links below those ads will be the organic results.

So the more relevant your content is, the more traffic you should receive from Google, in this example.

When you are advertising real estate websites, make sure your adverts have some keywords relevant to your business and to the specific market area you want to target.

SEO Content For Real Estate

Thinking that SEO for real estate brokers is the same as it is for other types of businesses, you might need to think again. You might find that your SEO strategy will not work for real estate brokers and real estate agents, as they have different marketing strategies.

Typically, local SEO keywords include keywords relevant to your services but including geolocation information. Examples of local SEO keywords are Cyprus Real Estate, Homes for Sale in Cyprus, Cyprus Real Estate Agents.

Not only they typically have less competition, but they might also drive more qualified traffic to increase conversions. This might mean that your rankings might be much higher than other real estate broker and agents websites.

Content Audit Real Estate

The Audit of a Real Estate Website Content is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the content and practices of all types of content posted on any website for individuals and other entities.

The Content Audit must be intended to drive more organic traffic, increase SEO ranking, increase customer loyalty, drive leads, and increase revenue.

Perform a Google search to see how your site is appearing in the search results pages. You might need to verify your search settings are correctly configured in order to be precise in the research.

To configure your google search is easy:

  • Once in the search result page, below the mic and the magnifier icons you will see the word "settings" click it and select search settings.
  • Scroll down to the "Region Settings" and click on "show more", look for the country you are now and click save.

After validating the changes, you can see in what position or ranking is your website in relation to the keyphrase used on the search. Contact us for more information

Duplicated Ratio Real Estate

Duplicated content Ratio a Real Estate website it's something that will strongly affect your rankings. The higher the ratio is, the more difficult it is to rank your site for your keywords.

This is a must-do cleaning first step in your ranking strategy, it will help you to determine your ideal duplicated ratio for your ranking purposes.

In a higher per cent of cases, website owners never intentionally create duplicate content. However, that doesn't mean that duplicated content it's not there. By the fact, I can estimate that up to 29% of the websites out there is actually duplicate content!

We will determine the percentage of the ratio of your website duplicated content, we will fix that an optimize each of your website pages using the following method, you just need to remember that this method is for duplicate content removal purposes only. The following methods for removing duplicate content are recommended.

Making an inventory of all content type on the website including but not limited to:

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • PDFs
  • Audio

After having all type of content audited we can determine which are duplicated and how to fix them. Contact us for auditing and fixing your site.

Why SEO For Real State Agents Sites

Online real estate brokers showcase several types of buildings. Like houses, apartments, for renting and for buying or for selling. Those properties for selling or renting are in demand everyday. Real estate brokers, are the link to supply that demand. SEO is not Everything; but represents a vital part of any Online Real Estate Marketing.


Using an effective SEO strategy, the real estate agency's website will become an important authority in its niche. Because of the amount of organic visits per month the site will receive. Bringing more sales and more business. It should be said that improving your website SEO will increase requests for information and more is properties to be sold.

SEO for Real Estate. Increasing Traffic with a Blog.

The blog is the best and more effective strategy to increase the organic website traffic. It's not about merely posting anykind of article hoping to bring interesting articles on the blog. A real sound SEO estrategy will need to have a research for keywords with good monthly searches, good return rate, good amount of clicks, more imporatant still, the keyword is better to be a money keyword

>A money keyword, is a keyword where searchers use it with a clear intent to buy. Example: "house on Cyprus under 300.000 euros".

Using the best keyphrases in real state.SEO for real state is necessary, and yet few real estate agents or brokers are taking advantage of it. many of them rether use paid traffic than organic traffic. Failing to recognize that SEO is the cheapest and more effective way to drive buyers to a website.

A very clear data tell us that 73% of search engine users never pass the 1st page of search results. Which brings us to another very simple situation: we only have ten positions where the best TOP-10 websites are showcasing their content. If your website is not one of those top-10, your website simply will never get much traffic.

And in addition to this, very often Google reviews all algorithms and based on that review Google run several updates, more than 500 per year! This algorithms after crawling and indexing decide which position any website will be placed on the search results. Thanks to RankBrain, a suit of algorithms working together to creat an artificial intelligence software, giving more and more importance to quality content. Here is the reason why we dont create just any ty[e of content, we create content that will help the readers and please the bots.

You and any boddy wanting to rank organically on any search engine must comply with the crawling bots prerequisites to rank better any crawled web page. Dont think only about Google now, for Google its just one of thousands of search engines. Yes, the most important one, but we also must care about Bing, Yahoo, and if you are in Russia then you need Yandex, for users in China they have Baidu.

We aim to rank in our local search engine first. Thou Google runs its search engine individually per country, and so that is how the indexes bots and databases operates too. Yes we optimize for Google But there are other search engince that can be considered in our optimization process without sacrifising a bit the google optimization process.

It is like the mystery of the Holy Trinity. No one knows for sure what are the parameters that Google uses to grant its thanks, however, we know some details that favour web positioning for real estate.

Google, like the rest of the search engines, works with words. That is, if you are looking for apartments for rent, it will show you those websites that have these words in their contents.

To ensure that your real estate website is found by the people you want to address, you must select the keywords for real estate that define your business and the audience you are targeting.
Some tricks to select keywords:

Try to make them long-tailed
If you only choose flats in Madrid, you will find many other websites to compete with. Search for word strings that narrow the search so that you have less competition such as "apartments for rent Alcobendas."

Use tools like Google Adwords
Google has a tool for planning keywords that can help you find out which ones are best for your business. You can start with this guide to select keywords.

Be concrete
Following the same principle as with the long-tail keywords, specify the services you offer so that you have less competition. If you only choose flats in Madrid, you will find many other websites to compete with. Search for word strings that narrow the search so that you have less competition such as "apartments for rent Alcobendas."

Google rewards those who strive to give more to their readers. That is why he likes that in the texts of your website there are external links. But no links without more. You must take these points into account when linking to other content:

Natural reading
Above all, try to make the wording and links naturally. Nothing from My house is green and that's why you should click here! Try that the links are always to content related to your theme and that they expand the information you are offering. The anchor text is the visible part of a link, usually underlined and in blue. It must contain the keywords you have previously selected. Better if they go bold, that tells Google it's important.

Backlinks or incoming links
Without a doubt, it is one of the things that the search engine likes most. It is the Internet's way of saying that the contents of your real estate website are interesting and relevant. That is why you must include references to other sites and blogs in your real estate marketing strategies. At first, you will not have many links, but if your content deserves it over time you will see them coming naturally.

It is one of the safe assets and the best way to drive more leads to your business. Although we do not know exactly all factors influencing Web Positioning. We all SEOs Expeculates that are more than 200 ranking factors. But in this, we all agreed for sure, as it is for estate agents, and for all other niche or industry, we are sure that Google loves good content.

We recommend that before launching your marketing strategy, keep clear which is your ideal client, what are your conversions numbers and the goals in short, medium and long terms.

Remember that we are living an era of creation and dissemination of online content as never seen before and if something is not interesting is lost. Making the Optimization of your real estate website a vital process.

There are still a few more things you can do to make your real estate website ready for search engines:
Your article URL most contain Keywords.
Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Avoid long paragraphs Use Heading heritage Write the introduction and conclusion paragraphs use images, infographics, audio, etc.
Real estate web with responsive design.

How do you carry on with your web positioning strategy for real estate?
What real estate SEO tricks do you use for your real estate?
Have you tried any SEO technique for real estate?
Leave us your comments!