Project Description

The project was a complete new website that involved a complete mix of technology, software, payment gateways, investment and business development, and a complete integration with a comprehensive infrastructure.

In tuned with the developers team we created an excellent product with some fantastic developers, the best of whom have also been able to provide valuable feedback to the product community.

Phase ONE

Initially we met with the directors and marketing deparment to make an inventory of Visions, goals, expected reach and budget

This was not just one time meeting for the holding group is an important network of businesses around the world. Having to move to more than 5 countries in less than one month to get all the information we needed

Phase two

Creating the roadmap, presenting and discussing the strategy of implementention and reporting on monthly basis.

Phase Three

Definition of the structure and content. As we participated in the design process, we already knew which sections and types of page were going to make up the new website, but we had to define what content each page would have. In some cases we keep the vision of the bussiness in tune with the search intent of the targeted audience, a vital step in order to bring relevant and "conversionable" visitors.

Phase Four

Cration and stablisment of analytical tools.

In this phase we created accounts for the study of keywords, site audit for on-page and off-page profiles in which included:

  • Google Search Console search: We use this free tool from Google in order to monitor how to google index and crawl URLs as well as to determining other KPIs like Total Clicks, Total Impressions, CTR, and average positions for important queries.
  • Competitive keywords using Ahrefs and Semrush: We use tools such as these to discover keywords opportunities for websites regardless of the industry of the business. These tools are very important to monitor and report the progress.
  • Relevant to the business Social Media Networks: Not all social network will help your business, for this particular business's website we focused on Linkedin and Facebook. The first for career searchers and the second for the already growing community.

When we have already collected all relevant keywords for Axiosholding, we created a content calendar together with the content strategy in a per-page / per-post basis. For a page is not the same than a post. Pages are not meant to change as frequently as the post does.

We also create a semantic cluster with all these keywords to provide relevancy no only to pages and post individually, but also to the whole website as one in the sight of Google, considering it as the main search engine we must all try to rank on, but never underestimating the potential in other search engines. We are looking for quality traffic, not just traffic. 

The fact that it was a new website, we got to focus on social signals and good quality content, which included:

  • Articles
  • Images
  • Coding
  • Video
  • Pdfs


Project Details