Private SEO Audit

An intial website SEO audit report, highlighting your websites current health, weaknesses, and potentials. metus. Let us analyze your website on more important metrics and generate for you an SEO audit report including actionable insights.

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What Does our private Website SEO Analysis include?

  • On-page analysis
  • Site loading speed
  • Webpage size
  • Internal Link structure
  • Image optimization
  • Keywords on website
  • Duplicate Content
  • Code Analysis
  • Social media presence
  • Responsiveness analysis
  • External Page links
  • Root domain versions
  • Indexability in major search engines
  • UX - UI of website
  • Competiting internal pages
  • Website organic traffic
  • Summary of Steps to increase organic traffic
  • And more...

Mobile AMP Implementation

Do not confuse responsiveness with AMP, the way AMP works is that it reduces bandwidth for content, and it also reduces response time for content by reducing the amount of information the browser needs to display.

If you are not using the AMP version of all of your pages, then you are soon to be left out of the new trend in developing right now, which is the 5G internet speed.

This is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies, and it will be the main in the next five-7 years to come. All internet indexation will prioritise websites that load below 2 seconds on desktop and under 4 seconds on mobile.

By taking advantage of our Free SEO analysis you can release the potential your website has.

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