Corporate SEO Service

Different than SEO strategies for small and medium businesses, corporate SEO service is a branch of SEO dealing with human and work environment factors. This is where a company's reputation, the way it is perceived by the market and its competitors, are paramount.

Such complexity can go from just being passive or moderated to very intensive marketing exposure, and if you aim for success, it certainly needs to be taken into account as early as possible into your SEO efforts.

The basic strategy of a company's corporate SEO service has to start as early as possible in its development.

Once you have developed a good SEO strategy and have identified your objectives and market segment, then it's time to start implementing your corporate SEO marketing.

Does Company Size Matter?

It will all depend on the level of exposure to the market that the directors of the firms need to reach their business's goals. Our Corporate SEO Service makes no difference between a small corporation, less than 100 employees, and corporations with more than 2000+ employees.

If your company can afford to invest in a marketing team that is able to successfully market your business online, then we can help you achieve your goals.

Our prices are very competitive and affordable for all size of businesses. Our services are also very convenient for small firms who need an SEO service to boost their online presence. We provide full marketing services including website optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and blog promotion for both small and large enterprises.

Should Corporations Invest In SEO?

Your business could be represented with a single website or a network of websites. And if you never cared about SEO Optimization before, then yes, you need our Corporate Seo Service.

With a significant number of technical issues, hidden but affecting your business revenue. You don't want to receive 10% of your 100% invested money. A large number of websites representing holding groups and corporations are contaminated with content driving zero traffic to their websites.

Our Corporate SEO Service is carefully implemented in order to expose all site or sites vulnerabilities which might be affecting your business revenue. It's not only about the content but also the technical issues that can affect the whole business with your website or your websites.

Corporate SEO Strategy

A common error is the thinking of corporations and larger enterprises need no SEO. In fact, it's the opposite. SEO is necessary for an online business to continue functioning.

The implementation or even the mere consideration for the need of an SEO effort for your business must be well structured and above all, effective. Not in the matter of bringing traffic, but to bring business, sells, conversions, in other words, more revenue.

Here I share some of the initial steps for implementation of our Corporate SEO Service:

  1. Business objectives overview
  2. Market research and competitors analysis
  3. Competitive analysis of your website or websites
  4. Website audit, including a backlink, content, etc.
  5. UX / UI Optimization
  6. Coding syntax errors
  7. Develop a keyword strategy
  8. Content strategy creation
  9. Responsiveness, mobile and AMP
  10. Indexing for major search engines

ROI of Corporate SEO

One thing is for sure, search engines are not going anywhere. a good and effective Corporate SEO strategy is no longer an option for your business. Big businesses often fail to capitalize on this important branch of online marketing.

So, why is it that corporations very often ignore or overlook the need for implementation of SEO optimization? Well, the answer to that is simple: they don't want to spend the time and money required for implementing this optimization. All of this based on previous failed SEO efforts.

We have a very extensive cases list of clients having the exact different opinion about SEO because we are taking care of their SEO marketing campaign.

We focus on one major goal; to bring revenue, meaning, to increase the ROI of their businesses to the corporation.

Our Corporate SEO Service is more than just an SEO strategy. It is a professional service designed to boost the business performance and generate an amazing return of investment (ROI) on your corporate investment.

PPC And Corporate SEO

A common question we get from clients is:

Should I use SEO or PPC for my business?

Here is our best answer: Neither strategy is better than the other across the board, at the very beginning. It is vital to understand your business situation when making a decision between PPC or SEO.

However, the best solution from the start is an integrated approach. By combining the best of a Corporate SEO Service and a well researched PPC campaign. Your paid traffic will give you the increased of leads you are looking from the very beginning, but it will turn to be a heavy burden over time. A good reason why our SEO strategy must start as soon as possible to optimize your site for a sustainable increase in organic leads in the future.

This increase of organic leads will eventually overpass the leads generated by PPC campaigns, meaning that eventually your need for PPC traffic will be reduced to the minimum or in the best scenario, to your business strategy needs.

Corporate SEO Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy couldn't be as crucial before os it is now. With the right content and design, your content marketing campaigns will do wonders to improve your online presence and your brand awareness.

Part of our Corporate SEO Service is a practical yet straightforward content creation strategy. Our team has years of experience in creating engaging content for corporate websites. Businesses can use our Corporate SEO service, media agencies, online agencies, blog, magazine, and more.

If you have a blog on your website, and this blog is correctly optimised, then your readers will share many blog posts from your site. Therefore, increasing the value in the relevancy of your blog and its reach to the global and local readers.

Don't just post articles, that is useless and a waste of money and resources. Make sure that your posts are engaging and interesting for your readers; they will also share your post with their friends in many cases.

Corporate Site Content Audit

A content audit is required regardless of the size of your website. It involves taking a look at all content type on your website and assessing its strengths and weaknesses to prioritize your next marketing activities on-page or off-page. It’s a qualitative audit and research based on important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that had you select beforehand.

It will provide you with insights to ensure your next marketing activity is aligned with your business goals and strategy.

This content audit process should not be understood as a content inventory, which means a sum total of all these different assets. In other words, it’s a quantitative collection.

When a content audit is performed correctly, this helps you to answer questions about the pieces of content on your site:

  • Which ones are performing well
  • Topics your audience is most connect with
  • Which posts have overstayed their welcome

Corporate SEO Duplicated Content

Here we reach a dilemma because there are so many websites owner looking for a website that looks great, but they take almost zero consideration of duplicate content. Little consideration of which content will perform better from a search-engine-friendly perspective.

There are two kinds of duplicate content, and both can be a problem:

  1. The content that is duplicated on-page
  2. The duplicate content off-page

And both represent a problem.

Why Duplicate Content a Problem?

First, we need to understand the problem with duplicate content, so we can work on fixing it. The problem with duplicate content is that it creates a negative perception towards search- engine friendly sites.

We can 't simply assume that search engines want to rank a website higher simply because it has a lot of pages which have a lot of content, even if it has the most valuable content.

Content Audit Guide For corporate Sites

In content marketing, one of the first steps we do is a content audit. A process of evaluating all content in a website, whether it is our own or a client´s one, considering a quantitative and qualitative way to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

For corporate websites, content audits can help us to spot areas of improvement.

But, how can you perform a content audit without hiring a third party?

Well, you have several options, but I'd like to highlight these three that I find to be most effective:

1. You need three things:

  1. Tools
  2. Time
  3. know what you are doing it for.

For tools you have an SEO of options available on the internet, among all of them, I recommend Semrush, ahrefs and Surfer. In that particular order.


For content Semrush has one of the best tools call "Content ideas". On-Page SEO Checker of Semrush is a great way to spot weakness in your content.

Time, when we considering something important, there is nothing more valuable than time. This is one of the reasons why we offer our Corporate SEO Service because we know content audit is time-consuming and can be hard to make it effective when the auditor is not well informed on what is doing.

Which leads us to the third and yet not less important than the previous two; Know what you are doing it for.

Having clear goals and an in-depth market understanding is vital to offer to our audience the product or info they are looking and using this to potentially increase our sells.

Marketing online relies on relevant content. The right content is vital to creating trust, engaging, and growing business opportunities. In today's search engine traffic content relevancy, it’s taken over as the key online marketing strategy.

Even when having this information all over the internet, so many websites admins lack the ability and resources to pull it off. For this reason, they normally never achieve the results they want or expect.

Part of our SEO Service in all our packages, we suggest our clients let us handle the content creation strategy and calendar. For this increase the opportunities for our Corporate Seo Service to reach the business goals faster.

It is vital to create, maintain and improve your online presence. Your content on-page will represent the effectiveness and possibilities for better business opportunities.

We can take care of your full webpage content creation, all you need to do is monitor the progress!

The root of good content is in revealing great topics, ideas and concepts closely related to your business. This content should never be far from your industry less you want to have a magazine type of website.

Your corporate business website is not a regular blog, is for something way more important, for bringing business awareness and building trust.

Here are some prerequisites for creating engaging content related to your business idea:
* What is keeping your business running?
* What does your business sell or offer?
* What do you do better than your competitors?
* What do you avoid?
* What can you do for the industry?
* Where do they make mistakes?
* How can they avoid mistakes?
* What questions are your clients asking the most?
* How can they fix mistakes they’ve made?

The most successful articles on the internet are the ones that are simple and direct, and in line with your business, your target audience and your brand.

It is impossible to know what keywords to focus on for search engine optimization unless you know the best keywords to your industry. The best way to find these keywords is to use an online tool like Google Keyword Planner, Local SERPs, or SEMrush to get the idea of your industry must important keywords.

For example, when searching for the keyword "best selling cars in Cyprus", you would start by looking up your local SERPs for the term and see if there are any relevant keywords associated with that term that could lead you to a relevant listing.

Regardless of the industry of your business, there are always important keywords you must try to rank with. For example, if you are a travel agency, you need to use the "best hotels in Cyprus" keyword on your website.

You might ignore this, but your travel agency website might fail to get more clients. You have to use keywords that are relevant to your industry to rank for these words and increase the potential for your business to get more clients.

We will take care of this research for you, in the best effective way.

Identifying your existent content on your site enables you to discover any content asset that currently exists in your website or your network of websites. Whether the online or offline type of content. The content type we can find online is; newsletters, emails, PDFs, Videos, Audio files, printed sales material, etc.

If you don't have the required information to identify your existing content, you can simply give us access to your website backend and we will do the rest.