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Stock market updates – Stabroek News

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GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 949’s trading results showed consideration of $3,986,403 from 15,782 shares traded in 13 transactions as compared to session 948’s trading results which showed consideration of $4,388,511 from 19,232 shares traded in 5 transactions. The stocks active this week were DIH, DTC and RBL.
Banks DIH Limited’s (DIH) six trades totalling 15,000 shares represented 95.04% of the total shares traded. DIH’s shares were traded at a Mean Weighted Average Price (MWAP) of $151.5, which showed an increase of $11.5 from its previous close of $14.0. DIH’s trades contributed 56.94% ($2,270,023) of the total consideration. DIH’s first trade of 2,500 shares was at $142.0, its second trade of 235 shares was at $141.0, its third trade of 7,265 shares was at $152.5, its fourth trade of 1,530 shares was at $160.0, while its fifth and sixth trades totalling 3,470 shares were at $152.5.
Demerara Tobacco Company Limited’s (DTC) five trades totalling 662 shares represented 4.20% of the total shares traded. DTC’s shares were traded at a Mean Weighted Average Price (MWAP) of $2,500.0, which showed an increase of $500.0 from its previous close of $2,000.0. DTC’s trades contributed 41.52% ($1,655,000) of the total consideration. All of DTC’s trades were at $2,500.0.
Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited’s (RBL) two trades totalling 120 shares represented 0.76% of the total shares traded. RBL’s shares were traded at a Mean Weighted Average Price (MWAP) of $511.5, which showed no change from its previous close. RBL’s trades contributed 1.54% ($61,380) of the total consideration. Both of RBL’s trades were at $511.5.
Best bid:  The highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for a security.
Best offer:  The lowest price at which a seller is offering to sell securities.
Gross Settlement:   Each trade is settled separately from any other. There is no netting. Also called Trade-for-Trade Settlement.
Source: Dictionary of Financial and Securities Terms.
Contact Information:
Tel: 223 – 6175/6
Email:                   [email protected]
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stock market updates - stabroek newsstock market updates - stabroek news
1 – Interim Results 
2 – Prospective Dividends
3 – Shows year-end EPS but Interim Dividend
4 – Shows Interim EPS but year-end Dividend
EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared. These include:
2016 – Final results for CJL and PHI.
2020 – Final Results for GSI, HCL and JPS.
2021 – Interim Results for CCI, DDL, DTC, BTI, RDL and SPL.
2021 – Final Results for DIH, CBI, DBL and RBL.
As such, some of these EPS calculations are based on un-audited figures. 
P/E Ratio: Price/Earnings Ratio = Last Trade Price/EPS
Dividend yield = Dividends paid in the last 12 months/last trade price.  
The market information provided here is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is provided on a time-delayed basis. GASCI does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this page. Although the information has been obtained by GASCI from sources believed to be reliable, it is provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind. GASCI assumes no responsibility for the consequences of any errors or omissions. GASCI does not make or has not made any recommendation regarding any of the securities issued by any of the companies identified here nor the advisability of investing in securities generally for any particular individual.
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