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Facebook Redesign Pages For Corporate Profiles!

You don’t need to be an expert on digital marketing have an attractive corporate profile page on Facebook.

But the amazing number is that there are 90 million of corporate pages on Facebook for January 2021. out of these corporate profiles, 2.54 billion fans uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform at least one time per day.

In 2021 Facebook changes how those businesses run their corporate profiles and how users will interact with those corporate pages. Get a coffee, and we will go over the major changes that will be introduced and why they are important.

Let’s walk through the top 7 major changes to Facebook corporate profiles in 2021:

  1. Removing “likes.”
  2. The number of “Followers” is what matters.
  3. Corporate Profile Pages will have their own update feed.
  4. A New Questions and Answers format.
  5. New page roles for managing the Corporate Profiles.
  6. Improved filter for content moderation.
  7. Improvements to the Insights

All these changes will take place in the coming few months, Facebook stated. All these changes will be implemented, eventually. The best stand you can take is to get ready and adapt your business marketing campaigns to the aforementioned changes.

1. Removing Likes:

Removing the like feature seems absolutely right. The “like” feature only makes you hope for popularity on Facebook when it comes to a low number of followers. But the removal of likes on corporate profiles of Facebook was expected. Those likes bring no relevance to business pages. The most relevant is that companies will interact more with their audiences, that is to say, they will be given greater brand awareness opportunities.

2. Number of “Followers” is What Matters:

Facebook considers that it is more important to know the number of people who interact or share a page than to know how many people like a page. Turning the user interaction with your business page into a more relevant ranking factor for the Facebook algorithm.

3. Corporate Profile Pages will have their own update feed:

With this feature Facebook, corporate page’s managers can interact with the followers. Allowing followers to see updated content and receive suggestions about other content pages or group pages. Promoting further the likelihood of followers interaction with your business profile page and others.

In other words, when a Facebook user follows a Corporate Profile Page, they will see the comments made to other people’s posts or Pages in the comments section. Indicating with a visible blue badge that the Page is verified. From those comments, other users not following the Page will have the chance to follow the page directly.

4. A New Questions and Answers format:

Once having the feature live, followers interaction with the business page probably increased. The well-thought feature here is that followers can ask the businesses questions and once answered they will by giving more visibility so other followers or people visiting the corporate profile page can see the answer and might also solve their doubts.

5. New Page Roles for Managing the Corporate Profiles:

A faster and easier way to assign and manage admin access permissions based on tasks. For example, Now managers can grant deferent levels of access to manage certain tasks, including:

  • Insights
  • Ads
  • Content
  • Community Activity
  • Messages.

6. Improved Filter for Content Moderation:

Facebook noted the need to manage the corporate profiles better and improved how the algorithm automatically moderates posts, improving detection of hateful, violence, or phishing comments more precisely. By implementing such changes, the page experience gets also improved. Surely this update will translate into a more secure environment for corporate business profile pages.

7. Improvements to the Insights:

Facebook insights are more responsive and more reliable. When using Facebook, Insights now displays a more focused summary of your most relevant insights.

Facebook Redesign Final Words:

Changes are not definitive, less in the everchanging online marketing industry. There are always factors pushing the changes. But surely platforms like Facebook will remain one of the first to adapt to consumers and advertisers’ demanding needs.

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