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Euro retreats 55 pips from 7 weeks and a half high

This downslide might be related to financial indicators data published earlier as Euro Zone ECB Marginal Lending Facility came out at 0.25, marks no change from the preceding figure.

Meanwhile, Euro Zone’s Deposit Facility Rate (Apr) published today at 11:45 AM came out at -0.5. The indicator value matched both the projected value and the previous data of -0.5. The Euro Zone Interest Rate was released today at 11:45 AM with a figure of zero, while the previous figure was zero.

In the meantime, negative performances are also seen in other symbols, and After 8 weeks, the Euro/Pound rose above 0.87 levels. GBP/USD is trading around 1.3834 (down 93 pips). However, positive performance can be seen looking at other symbols as The Nikkei is up 2.38% to 29,200. At the same time, USD/HKD trades around 7.7596, with no major change. The market will be looking forward to upcoming data for France Services PMI expected to decline to 46.5 when its preceding data was 48.2, and Data will be available tomorrow at 7:15 AM.

Tomorrow at 8:00 AM, data for Euro Zone Composite PMI will be released, with an expected decline to 52.8 from the preceding figure of 53.2. Tomorrow at 7:15 AM, data for France Manufacturing PMI will be released, with an expected decline to 59 from the preceding figure of 59.3. Euro Zone CFTC EUR speculative net positions are scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30 PM.

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