digital marketing trends for 2021

8 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

We analyzed a variety of online market trends to understand the challenges facing online companies. For the most part, companies will continue to experience strong demand for digital advertising. We expect the global internet to continue to see increased traffic and growth in all online marketing.

If your business or company is a business with a strong focus on digital marketing, here’s a list of trends you need to keep an eye out for shortly. 

Digital advertising trends are coming from all corners of the world, and many of these trends are likely to be reflected in the future of digital advertising. Long scrolling down sites and boring content are not going to work anymore.

To save your business from falling victim to these trends, you need to understand these trends. Here’s a list of some of the most important digital marketing trends that may impact your business.

Trend #1. User-generated Content Marketing: Nothing More Effective And Cheap

 User-generated content is the best way to keep your customers engaged with your brand and improve brand awareness. When consumers share their opinions and create content on your social media channels, this can turn into a massive opportunity for your business. User-generated content is the best way to increase and keep the momentum of your customer engagement. Needless to say that this digital marketing trend is gaining steam and is not going away anytime soon.

But, how can you leverage this digital marketing trend for your business?

neuromarketing guide - pros and cons you need to know - marketing trends

Neuromarketing is the best-kept secret of all forms of marketing.

seo skills analysis for better website organic traffic
Search Engine Optimization Skills

SEO is not complicated, all you need to have is the right methodolgy.

Let’s find out:

  1. Create a content strategy for your brand. Every business should have its content strategy for marketing its products and services. 
  2. Allow visitors to share, comment and like the content on your website posts.
  3. Keep them engaged with your brand by giving them unique and meaningful content.
  4. Invite users to get involved in competitions
  5. Get them to talk about your business in forums and other social media networks, primarily to active users.

What is user-generated content?

Everything with faces, voice search, video content and direct messages created by real people! The power of Social Networks, Blogs, live streaming on YouTube, and other platforms are gaining ground as influencers and content creators.

We found the are four aspects leading Data Marketing trends to a privileged place in all industries:

  1. Data science democratization
  2. Machine learning or artificial intelligence
  3. Virtual assistants or Chatbots
  4. All information in the cloud

Trend #2. Data Marketing: First, I Analyze; therefore, I Exist

Companies are using marketing technology to drive growth through data collection and analysis to improve their operations. The most recent examples include the “Big Data” of Facebook, Google, and others to improve ads’ delivery, search engine results, and marketing tools to millions of users.

Inside this digital marketing trend, we have seen the growing adoption of analytics to understand consumers better. If you are not using data marketing yet, consider it a big opportunity. Marketing technology has been able to predict an industry’s future, enabling us to know that consumers will purchase more. So we can focus our marketing resources and invest in the most effective advertising campaigns.

Trend #3. Better Conversions Rates, Less Effort With Email Marketing Automation

The “Conversion rate” refers to the percentage of email clients who sign up for your service. For example, a Conversion rate of 15% would indicate that you are doing an excellent job of getting the sign-ups you expect, based on your strategy.

Digital marketing trend Transformation is a great challenge facing all companies with email marketing today. More and more companies are looking for ways to automate email marketing campaigns and optimize emails’ quality.

A customer experience journey, as it happens today, is highly dynamic. There is no one company having only one Buyer Persona and only one effective conversion funnel.

Furthermore, digital omnichannel for companies will require more significant efforts. And I don’t mean higher investments, somewhat better budgets distribution. 

Always include the latest formats! Thanks to a high degree of customization emails marketing, we can easily add GIFs and videos to our emails and improve each campaign’s metrics. The most important thing about Email Automation in this article is that it becomes the ideal channel for complementing and carry out the rest of the digital marketing trends.

Trend #4. Conversational Marketing Booming

Another digital marketing trend going strong this 2020 is the rise of conversational marketing. Conversational marketing gets understood as the conversations taking place between users and companies directly.

Promoting these conversations, companies can implement compelling Call to Actions (CTAs) to encourage users who visit our website to ask questions. Creating a strong bond of trust between the business and a potential buyer. If you want to achieve this, you need to: 

  • Implement chatbots in all your pages. 
  • Live chat systems interact in real-time as a real person from the company. 
  • You must link to messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook to deliver a faster and smoother conversation. 

Trend #5. More Visual And Interactive Content In 2020 And Beyond

Content is ruling the internet, still as a king, but the type of content will be guided more towards the visual and interactive content in reality. Thanks to this fact, video and podcast will keep gaining relevance year after year for at least the next 2-4 years. That is the reason why video and podcast are increasing numbers as a way to attract a large number of users.

Why podcast?

A podcast is not a new digital marketing trend; it has been around for almost 20 years. But today, thanks to new technologies is more refined than ever. Based on an article from Podcast Insights in the US alone, 50% of homes listen to podcasts:

Live video is another digital marketing trend

With the growing demand for mobile apps, live video is on the rise, and more companies are adopting live video as a new way to drive traffic and sales. Live video advertising was also an essential factor in the successful rollout of Facebook Live last fall, as the social media giant continues to expand the reach of its live streaming service for the first time.

Video content is more likely to generate better organic search results than plain text, making this digital marketing trend an excellent additive for improving our organic rankings.

Trend #6. Artificial Intelligence Incorporation

15% of all companies around the globe are using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive their decision making and grow. And the majority of these companies believe that AI will have an impact on their business in the coming decade.

Regardless of how you perceive it, digital marketing trends seem to get focused on offering a better user experience and delivering customizable services and better products. 

Virtual Reality, Smart Speakers, Augmented Reality came with one goal in mind; to improve the user experience overall because it is the way to improve the ROI and generate a more significant number of clients.

But before you jump to the conclusion that AI will replace humans, don’t forget that they are more efficient, reliable and less expensive than human labour. From a digital marketing perspective.

Trend #7. Personal Branding: When you are telling people who you are, be convincing

Perception is vital. What you transmit as a person becomes a reality for your brand. Be very mindful of this in your marketing and communication to your audience. I think it is critical always to be communicating and showing who you are when you are in business. 

You are representing a business, and the firm will represent you. There is a reciprocal relationship between a business and its clients, and this relationship is critical to the success of any company in a particular industry. In short, you represent your business and your business represents you.

Anytime you want something to become cheap in value, let become natural and common, including you and your business! This is my philosophy for life and business because I know that rarity represents value. So in business, you must be unique and relevant.

Trend #8. Optimize For Voice Search

Most users don’t want to read long pieces of text. In a study conducted by Microsoft Research, people prefer to listen to audio over a longer text. In this digital marketing trend search queries as we know them are no more. Your content must be ready for the voice index search algorithm of Google and other search engines, including Amazon.

And yet, even today 80% of websites are not ready for voice search. Most firms today are not prepared to explore smart speaker advertising. But while they reach that point, you can leverage it and make use of it. Your business should explore optimizing its content for voice searches. 

 You must understand why people search for voice, and how you can provide a better experience than your competitors. This alone will place you ahead in the competition.

Marketing Trends Final words

Digital Marketing is changing so digital advertisers must change with it. 

 We had a look at how the landscape changed for 2020 in this latest digital marketing trends of today.

 We also saw some common Digital Marketing Trends that had been around for decades and rather than being obsolete; they are evolving to the new technologies in this era of communication. Your business must adapt to survive, especially if your digital marketing strategy is not well coordinated and integrated. 

You are not alone, and we are ready to cooperate with you on reaching your marketing goals though we will always try to go beyond your expectations!

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