bazaraki marketplace tutorial for buying and selling goods

Bazaraki Classified Marketplace

Bazaraki is Cyprus favorite online place for classified ads where you can sell or buy real estate, including luxury cars, watches, jewellery, and many more. 

The word bazaraki translates from the Greek word “παζάρι” in English it sounds “Pazari.” Which means “open market.” The ads marketplace is available in two languages, Greek and English. And it offers a WhatsApp contact feature for real-time communication with a seller or a buyer.

This marketplace is one of the most successful local business of the island, and it also serves to the united kingdom and Greece as its major commercial hub.

Bazaraki Step by Step Guide For Buying:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Type the product or service you need at the search bar on the page’s top left side.

Step 3. After finding the product or service you are looking for, click on the product/service to search.

Step 4. Here, you have two options:

  • a. Start a chat with the seller to find out more about the offer.
  • b. Call the seller.

Those are a few easy steps about using bazaraki to buy anything you want. Yes, this is simple! Now, how about when you need to sell something you don’t need anymore?

Looking For Buying Our Next Ride? Bazaraki Cars Probably have it!

Bazaraki CY is our first step when trying to buy a second-hand car. The first thing to do is using the bazaraki message system to start a chat with the seller. There we go over any question we might have about the car. afterwards, the in-person meeting can take place.

Here are the steps to follow to find a car you might want to buy:

Step one: Visit, select your language and click on motors.

Step Two: Click on cars, and filter the search as follow:
a. Choose Your Location.
b. Set your max price to pay for a car.
c. Select your preferred gearbox.
d. Select the condition of the car: New or Used.
These are the most important ones, you can, as you will see, filter more your search, but that is based on your needs.

On our end, we use bazaraki Limassol location when looking for a car, or a dog, yes, bazaraki dogs are another selling item!
Bazaraki marketplace allows people to sell dogs, cars, rent, even jobs.

How to Use the Classified Marketplace to Sell Your Goods:

When you want to use the bazaraki marketplace to sell something, these are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Once on the website, look up on the top right corner for the orange button called “Post an ad.”

Step 2. Add your mobile number. 

Step 3. Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4. Select the method you prefer to login.

Step 5. Enter the verification code.

Step 6. Choose the category and details. For better results, add as more information as possible.

Step 7. Click on the button “Post an Ad.”

Apps For Using Bazaraki on Your Mobile:

Pazari or παζάρι also offers the Apps you can use on your mobile. These apps are compatible with your Android or Apple mobiles. To download the latest version of the app, always use the links provided in the official bazaraki marketplace website:

bazaraki app for android
bazaraki app for apple

You can also get a link straight to your mobile by typing your mobile number in the footer of the website.

Bazaraki Social Networks:

Currently, the Cypriot marketplace has FaceBook as the only social network to engage with its clients. The activity on the Facebook account if frequent and you can reach the managing of the platform over there.

Bazaraki B2B Corporate Platform:

Having the platform’s reach in the Island, local businesses use this advantage to reach more potential clients in all major cities of Cyprus. Having better exposure to the three biggest cities: Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaka.

Local businesses take advantage of the marketplace by having dedicated dashboards linked to their business pages on the website. If you are a local business in Cyprus and need to increase sales, consider having your place on bazaraki.

Bazaraki Payment Method:

Paypal is a great payment method for only businesses. The N° 1 marketplace in Cyprus takes advantage of this. Also, you can use your credit cards or contact the support team to find more payment methods available.

Interesting facts about the N° 1 Cypriot marketplace:

  • 38k+ Users Visits the website every day.
  • 1100+ Ads get posted per day.
  • 550k Total users every month.
  • 20+ Million monthly page views.
  • 1.7+ Million monthly visits.
  • 8+ Minutes is the average time people remains on the website.

This metrics you can validate on the advertising page of the marketplace.

Final words:

Many are the reasons for using bazaraki. The two more important are buying and selling anything you like. Yet, there are more facts about bazaraki that makes the marketplace a tool for your marketing campaigns. Things like Security, well-known locally, great exposure for your offers, guaranteed sales.

In the hope you find some help with this article, remember to share it and revisit the page. It will be updated frequently to cover more interesting facts about the bazaraki classified marketplace.

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