Online Classified Advertisement Website Bazaraki.

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Online Classified Advertisement Website Bazaraki.

I was interested to know what was the most popular online classified advertisement in Cyprus. After some quick internet research, I discovered that it is which has the most traffic. The website also has the highest-ranking and most number of searches on google and other search engines

Bazaraki’s website definitely appeals to the younger demographic. Their website also contains a lot of different services and products, making it perfect for those looking for cheap, reliable and safe website to advertise their businesses. I also believe that is probably the best online classified website to advertise to those who are selling any kind of items online, whether it be electronics, computers, cars, clothing, furniture, art, shoes, watches, etc.

Layout and Design

The layout of bazaraki’s website is so easy to navigate and has all the necessary features to attract customers to browse. The layout makes visitors comfortable and easy to navigate through the website thanks to a well-designed header and footer sections.

Also, design-wise bazaraki’s website is very attractive and easy to read. The colour scheme of the website is unique and vibrant, making it visually appealing. The design of the website reminds consistent throughout the entire website and it gives the visitor a sense of security and trust when browsing the website.

The technical aspect of bazaraki’s website is not too impressive or advanced. The website needs to be optimised and tweaked to serve its desired purpose better. For example, the loading speed of the website needs to be improved and a few other technical elements like JavaScript need to be properly optimized to be more efficient in serving and displaying the page contents.

This review contains four major sections:

  1. On-page Search Engine Optimization from a content-marketing ranking perspective.
  2. The technical structure of Bazaraki CY.
  3. Types of Ads the platform sell to third parties marketing advertisers.
  4. Strong and weak points for platform security.

Before getting into the review of the Bazaraki platform, we need to mention that this review is personal. Not related to the Bazaraki directors or owners. All the information provided in this review is open to the public. The purpose of this review is to allow readers to learn from the goods or bads SEO practices using a significant business for Google search results in Cyprus.

Part One | On-Page Optimization of the Bazaraki Platform

The on-page SEO of Bazaraki is not the best, and yet not the worse. The graphic below you can see the website optimization current condition based on Lighthouse of Chrome. We audit the Bazaraki’s website with Chrome developer tools. We can spot different levels where the on-page SEO optimization gets needed:

bazaraki store
Not to be used without previous authorization

The above image is a fast overview of Bazaraki on-page conditions. Is there room for improvements?
Yes, the weakest point on the on-page optimization of the platform is the performance. Now, let’s see why:

bazaraki platform
Performance of bazaraki platform

As you can see the website, the speed index is 8.0 seconds. The time to interact is a massive 12.9 seconds, plus and idle CPU of 11.6 Seconds. Needless to say that if the website is driving all the traffic, it is moving now, fixing the loading speed, as part of the platform marketing strategy, will increase traffic and ROI to the platform.

In today’s digital world everybody in Cyprus use mobile to browse the Internet. Bazaraki having the business model their have is one of those platforms. We go to on our mobile devices when we need to rent a flat, buy or sell something. The problem with slow performance, visitors, waits too long for the page to load.

For the bazaraki website, they should care about such a slow performance because it leads to the loss of many visitors and potential buyers. Organic search is very competitive, and there are always other businesses targeting our audience. When using an old mobile or a not updated mobile, the audience tends to abandon their search intention—moving to the next seller, a competitor. We don’t want that. If I want the platform to get optimized, I will start fixing the speed issues ASAP. Search engine rankings represent an opportunity for any business.

Part Two | Technical Structure Of Bazaraki.

bazaraki cars for sell
bazaraki technical review

The above seems to be a lot like a technical review. Which it is, but the above technical metrics got oriented to the user experience. Bazaraki, as any other website gets rewarded on search engines not only by the content it offers.

But also, The easy navigation and comfortable it is, the better ranking will receive the site. Now we have the report of the weak performance of bazaraki’s webpage. We need to go a bit deeper. We need to see how well maintain the site is internal errors.

For that, we will use one of the most popular online SEO tool called GTMetrix. SEO tools are not an in-depth view of the technical condition of bazaraki’s platform. But it will give us enough information for us to reach there in the second image, of this technical Part Two.

It is not a great image, either. The website is loading at 18.4 seconds on a desktop when bringing this loading speed to a mobile. The site takes forever to load—at least 40 seconds. Now, website loading time is and with no doubts a critical area for any website’s user experience.

For you to have a better picture in your mind of how important this matter is for your website, let me share this article with you:

How Does Page Load Time Affect Your Site Revenue?

The article explains in a very consist way how important is the loading speed for your business, also, with the idea of making us understand why we should keep our websites at top performance.

Now if you run bazaraki, have a website, or you are planning to have a website for your business. It would be best if you got your eyes in the article and your hand on your website. Back to the technical review of bazaraki, I found two significant errors.

The worse thing is that these errors are happening every time a user loads the website:

bazaraki technical error

That error is sucking 16.5 seconds from the loading speed of bazaraki’s website. Well, Bazaraki’s Devs, get to fix this error NOW. A mistake that should get fixed as soon as it appears. There is where you need the right SEO expert.

For us, check the website daily, and this kind of errors never see a new morning, at least not with us. You might think this is not a big deal, but it is. When in any day, 10.000 people visit the website on mobile.

Then 100 of those people leave the site for it took too long to load. This 1% is money lost. You can recuperate that money when the visitors had a good-hearted patient mind!

Part Three | Bazaraki Ads Server Platform

This listing advertising platform as it is eBay and Amazon, but on a much smaller scale, also serves ads. These ads we find them in 2 significant sizes:

  1. 300 x 150 pixels
  2. 900 x 90 pixels

We are not going to dig too much in this matter. As an internet marketing cored website, they can add or remove any banner on-page as they please. What is exciting thou is the fact that the site is not overwhelming visitors with too many ads. If you visit the site now, you will find only one banner 900x90px on the homepage.

Being the more muscular page of the site, they could do so much more. And the revenue will sure rise to superior profit levels. But again, that might not be of interest for them at this moment. Bazaraki also offers stores to its clients, furthermore, like eBay and Amazon.

But for Cyprus, this feature represents a lot because Bazaraki is the best listing directory website of the island. So if you are selling goods and you don’t have a store in Bazaraki you are losing money, period. When visiting ten of these client’s stores, we found that its owners neglected three of 10.

This 70 % of clients ignore their stores, or in the best scenario, they have one ad! Is it not something? Having such an amount of traffic at your disposal and you put one ad. It is like saying I want to sell, but I am too lazy.

Saying that is not laziness but being busy will not excuse anybody. For it is not about time is about money, and as you know, before the power of time is the power of will. Do you want to do it? Then go for it! For if you are breathing, you have the time to make money! Follow this example:

stores of bazaraki
The stores in bazaraki platform

Visiting Bazaraki’s store of Eco Diesel Parts, you can see they are posting ads since 2017. Needless to say that they are making some extra sales helped by Bazaraki’s platform. Something suitable for the marketing campaign team of Eco Diesel Parts than it does about any other thing.

Only because they are taking advantage of the Bazaraki’s platform is selling them. Now, Bazaraki is leveraging the power in Cyprus marketing. Including Cyprus SEO Potential, your business must do this too. In Cyprus, there is a massive opportunity for businesses in any industry.

90% of Cyprus businesses are doing paid traffic and off-page marketing. We got inspired by few are the guys well informed about online marketing. SEO techniques for organic traffic, etc. But if you read up until here, that is not your case anymore. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get your site some excellent traffic!

Part Four | Security Scanner! Strong & Weak Points Of Bazaraki’s Platform

Bazaraki Web Security Weak Points

I found three significant securities vulnerabilities. The admin of the site should pay attention to:
(I won’t disclose the details)

  1. Insecure HTTP cookies
  2. Missing security header to increase ClickJacking Protection
  3. Missing Content-Security-Policy directive

The above are the weak points, things that are yellow warning to Bazaraki’s web admin.
Should you need help to find vulnerabilities on your website? I am here to assist you. You can request a free website audit pointing out that you want the security report.

Your website can beat your competitors!

Today is Your Best Chance
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Bazaraki Web Security Strong Points

In the other hand, the platform in which the website gets hosted offers an adequate level of security. The above is pointing to the website itself; now, I am referring to the hosting provider.

  • No vulnerabilities found for server-side software
  • Communication is secure
  • No security issue found of client access policies
  • Directory listing not found (quick scan)
  • No password input found (auto-complete test)
  • No password input found (clear-text submission test)

Website Malware & Security

  • No malware detected (Low Risk)
  • No injected spam detected (Low Risk)
  • No defacements detected (Low Risk)
  • No internal server errors detected (Low Risk)

Website Blacklist Status

  • Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing
  • Domain clean by McAfee
  • Domain clean by Sucuri Labs
  • Domain clean by ESET
  • Domain clean by PhishTank
  • Domain clean by Yandex
  • Domain clean by Opera

Last words

Bazaraki is an example to follow even if you consider all major performance issues the website is having. The security weak and strong points, etc. All these things are mere fixable stuff that can skyrocket the website’s revenue.

If this can get done for a Platform like Bazaraki, it can also get done for your website. As you can see, I don’t focus on only ONE branch of SEO service, and I convert it all. The backlink profile or off-page profile of Bazaraki is another review.

Still, it won’t add to this review intention. For backlinks usually comes for free when reaching the level of exposure of Bazaraki. Besides, it is something that needs monitoring and care. But I didn’t want to make you spend to have a day to digest all it in one post.

Contact me for a review for your site; it can be a privet one or a public one, let’s talk!

God Bless you!

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      I want to read even more issues approximately it! Hello, would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing?
      I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and
      I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most.
      Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a reasonable price?
      Thanks, I appreciate it! I have been browsing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
      It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

      July 28, 2020 at 10:08 am
    • Jesus Guzman

      Hello Jack,
      Thanks for your words!
      Depending on your budget you can go for a low-performance hosting provider, like Siteground or Hostinger.
      If you are looking for a high-end server, I would recommend you to go with

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